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Gear Find: BlenderBottle GoStak

We recently received a BlenderBottle GoStak to play with. I wasn’t sure what to expect before it came, but was pleasantly surprised upon opening. Imagine a stack of individual storage containers that click together and are the same size as a 20 ounce hydration bottle, meaning it will fit into the narrowest of side pockets on most backpacks. The starter 4 Pack is the photo below, featuring 1 of each size jar, from 40cc to 150cc. Just don’t make me convert metric to standard…OK? The starter kit also comes with a handle that clicks in as well, to any of the jars.


You can also buy the individual sizes and make your own stacks. The smallest is 40cc in 4-packs:


60cc in 3-packs:


100cc in 3-packs:


150cc in 2-packs:


The jars are made of Eastman Tritan™, which is what nearly all hydration bottles are now made of. How the jars go together is cool, it is their Twist n’ Lock™ system. When you take off a jar, the lid below on the next jar stays on tight. With 3 kids now, I find that thin plastic bags are not always winning the war on snacks. They get crushed (how is it I could hike 90 miles and not crush food, but they can go 1 mile and everything is finely smashed up….) and as well, I need to keep Alistaire’s snacks separate from everyone else’s. If anything, the jar system is going to be his, airtight containers for freeze-dried snacks, rice crackers and so on. They can also be used as a classy way to carry olive oil and other liquids.

The jars are designed as well to fit into their BlenderBottle SportMixer™, sold separately, which I found to be fascinating. A dual purpose hydration bottle, beyond just carrying water, it can be used to make trail smoothies. Huh! Sometimes a little extra weight can be a good thing….


FTC Disclaimer: We received a sample for potential review.

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