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Prepared For The Sun?

Kirk happened to open a package last week for me, that had samples of the newest Coppertone Sport® sunscreen line. His comment was “When will they bring out the Ginger Block line? SPF 200, keeps your albino skin protected!™” Er, maybe he didn’t quite say all that…apparently that they hadn’t sent above SPF 50 for us, he was worried about his fair skin 😉 Being that I have a much darker olive skin, oh darn, all mine. Now the two oldest kids and I have a summer’s worth of sunscreen.

Coppertone Sport® is one of the very few sunscreens I can wear without skin discomfort, having found it a few years back after a very bad sunburn – which was all my fault. Hiking at above 6,000 feet in arid Eastern Washington wasn’t a good idea – when you have a tank top on and nothing to stop the damage. That and seeing Kirk have his first skin biopsy a few years back for skin cancer. For whatever reason, most sunscreens (and bug sprays) cause my skin to get itchy and I break out into hives (my face especially). So….I rarely ever wore sunscreen before I found their line. What I love is their sunscreens are not greasy, they stay put, have minimal smell and most of all, they make spray versions.

New for me to try was the Coppertone Sport® Pro Series DuraFlex™ in SPF 50.


And here is the thing for me: if sunscreen is easy to apply, I will use it. This is. A quick spray of my legs, arms and other exposed parts, and off hiking I went recently. Nothing on my hands after. It is that easy. No skin itching. No breakouts later from using it (this is a selling point I will add!) and it doesn’t run into your eyes either. Just make sure you give it a few minutes to dry before touching your skin and all is well.

How did the sunscreen fair? Perfect. Even after a very hot/humid/sweaty hike it hadn’t budged. No exposure to the sun where sprayed. I forgot to spray my neckline around my shirt – and I was mildly pink, so that showed just how much it stopped.

Something new as well was the Coppertone Sport® Sunscreen Lip Balm, in Broad Spectrum SPF30.


After using it a number of times I find it easy to apply, it stays on for hours and leaves your lips soft. Easy to stash in a hip belt pocket. Only downside? Don’t lick your lips. This is one lip balm that does not taste good. I really liked every part of it except for that. I’d forget and rub my lips together and get that taste on my tongue. Just an off flavor of sunscreen. I’ll continue to use it when hiking in bright conditions, but not around town. For that I’ll stick to my girly lip balms that are tasty. So, if you can ignore the flavor, try it.

I liked the new 3 ounce packaging of two classic sunscreens, which are TSA friendly for flying (a bonus for anyone hiking in a sunny state high in altitude, while on vacation). Again, if a sunscreen is easy for me to carry and use, I am more likely to remember to use it. I have a bag of Coppertone Sport® products I grab while packing for hikes, SPF 80 and 100 for Kirk and Alistaire’s pale skin, 30 and 50 for Ford, Walker and I. I also have cans of the Continuous Spray as well. The SPF 70 is great for legs. Only thing is…they are full size tubes and cans. A 3 ounce travel size? At $3.99 a tube, that is affordable and will fit into one’s backpack. I had been carrying a 1 ounce travel size, but that doesn’t last long. And price wise, the 3 ounce is a much better buy.

Find it in SPF 30:


And SPF 50:




FTC Disclaimer: We received review samples.

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