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Lucy’s Snack n’ Go packs

Need allergy-safe snacks? In single serving bags? That was my dilema recently as I delve further into what I can carry on hikes for the youngest, Alistaire, to enjoy. Because all of the treats must be allergy safe, not just his! That means I have to find things that the other two, Ford and Walker, will enjoy as well. And be easy for me to find to buy. And taste good. And most of all: it must be from a company I can trust with my child’s health. Labels can only tell you so much – for any allergy. You must get to know the companies. Companies like Lucy’s are transparent and there to answer questions!



If one can avoid potential contamination, then hiking in the wilds with allergies becomes easier to manage – and not have the fear of needing an EpiPen and a race towards civilization. For our youngest, this is a real fear.


From Six That Save Lives.

Then I saw Lucy’s Snack n’ Go Packs, hidden in the gluten-free section at our local Safeway. Knowing that their treats are already safe for the Big 8 allergies, it was a find to get happy about. Not exactly cheap, but WORTH the cost (at around $4.50 a box) Each box has 6 packs, with 3 cookies in each pack. Chocolate Chip, Chocolate and Maple Bliss. Something for everyone really! They are crispy cookies, sized for a child’s hands.

Brownie Cakes? Ummm…even someone who can eat gluten will be all over these –


4 pack boxes, each pack has 2 brownies.

The two products do contain soy, oats and fava – but are otherwise very friendly to allergies (and vegans I might add). They are great for hiking, backpacking, car trips, plane trips and more – not just for those with allergies, but everyone in the group.


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