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The Ultimate Campfire Snack….


A few weeks ago I had this show up on our doorstep. Popcorn? Trail friendly? I think so. The years I had braces on I missed eating it so much. That crunchy texture and delicious corny flavor? It is my idea of snacking food. Remember the recent seafood chowder recipe? I had it topped with popcorn. Cheese popcorn? Better than any cracker or crouton around!

G.H. Cretors popcorn:


5 flavors? Um, way too many decisions in front of me! About this time my In-Laws and my husband’s Aunt showed up for a visit. In the end I barely got any of the flavors! All my delicious popcorn disappeared. Oh well, at least somebody enjoyed it!

The Chicago Mix is also sold in Costco, in super big bags.


On my next backpacking trip I am strapping a bag on my pack and taking it with me. Salty, sweet, crunchy. It is everything I crave in a snack. Sitting around a campfire munching on it, with a view…would be bliss.

The Caramel Nut Crunch was simply wonderful. Think of an adult gourmet Cracker Jack that is vibrant in flavor and full of super crisp caramel corn and whole nuts? My Father In Law felt that we should give it to him  due to the baby’s nut allergies. Yeah…..

The Cheese Corn? Very strong cheddar flavor. This is the one to indulge in if you like savory and salty. Really good.

The Kettle Corn? Light, crisp. Much better than the local kettle poppers.

And here is the thing – they are using quality products to make their corn. Non-GMO corn, no artificial coloring/flavors, corn syrup, etc. – and Kosher.

Hiking food doesn’t have to be always about calories to weight. It can be just for simply enjoying. If anything, often camp food is on the um…mushy side due to being rehydrated. Having crunchy foods makes life enjoyable!


FTC Disclaimer: We received samples of the products.

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