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New Recipe: Sunballs

This recipe went over so well, I decided to repost here, from my personal blog, Gazing In

I was inspired by a quick recipe I saw on Keeley McQuire’s blog and made an adapted batch for Alistaire (our youngest and our allergy-boy) to nibble on. Turned out everyone else liked them just as much…..even the Teen (Ford). But first I had to lure the littlest back inside to enjoy a snack made just for him!


Being that they didn’t need a food processor, I had them ready in under 10 minutes (most of which was Walker trying to help me….)

One thing I changed was using 1-minute quick oats instead of rolled oats. The texture is finer and easier for Alistaire to chew.





Mix the oats through honey together in a medium mixing bowl. Make balls with a 1 Tablespoon Disher, packing tightly with hands and rolling into balls.

Add powdered sugar to a shallow bowl, roll balls in sugar. Store balls in an airtight container, in the refrigerator.

To carry on trail, carry balls in a freezer bag, rolled up, protected from crushing.

Makes about 14 balls.


You can make your own oat flour easy enough. Grind oats in a mini food chopper or blender.

Read powdered sugar labels. Some contain tapioca starch, others cornstarch. I have good luck with Wholesome Sweeteners organic.

I tried out a new-to-me honey in this recipe, Golden Blossom Honey:


I had received samples of it recently, the Sunballs were its first use. Taste wise?  Clear, mellow, fruity. It wasn’t what I was expecting from commercial honey (I am not a fan of most honey-bear honey found in stores. It is often so intensely sweet it isn’t palatable) I would put Golden Blossom Honey in the “I’d have it in tea” category, meaning I liked it quite a bit.


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  1. Sarah,
    YUM! Of course I appreciate you posting this since I blog for SunButter and I’m always looking for new recipes (also a big Keeley McG fan!), but as a fellow mom to kids of various ages, I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.

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