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Lazy Sunday Hiking

Heading out on an early hike is good for the soul, even if it means a double latte kind of day. My friend Jared and I ended up choosing a traditional hike for us, our yearly visit to Sheep Lake, on the Pacific Crest Trail. We had planned on doing way more but I just had nothing in me to do a hard hike. It has been a stressful summer for me, sometimes just sitting for hours, with nothing but the wind, is what I need. I don’t get a lot of quiet time. And honestly, with my youngest son’s severe food allergies, I haven’t felt confident enough to take him hiking without my husband along. So these short trips, kid-free, are therapy for me.


I was a few minutes on the road and realized I had left my good camera behind. Oh….I was not going back and waking up my kids on accident! So I thought hard and figured at least I had my mobile phone to shoot photos with.

We were rewarded with getting up early with blue skies and really cold temps, a nice prodding to get moving. Jared and I did get a good snicker that we hiked this trail last year, a year to the week. Sheesh.


Sheep Lake….lots of groups camping overnight when we arrived. By 11 am or so, everyone was gone. It was so odd that it was quiet – normally that lake is full of dayhikers.

Early morning at Sheep Lake today.

Correct me if I am wrong, Kinnikinnick?


The lake was really pretty this visit, I had only been to this end of the lake once before. The snow was all gone, but the streams were still flowing, full of tadpoles and frogs.


Did I mention it was chilly much of the time at the lake? Not that I was complaining – the breeze kept the bugs at bay. It was maybe mid-60’s and sunny. Part of me wished for pants and not shorts though 😉 I was glad I stuck my wool hoodie in at the last second.

For as sunny as it was, it was really cold at times!

Jared brought his fly fishing gear and spent the next 4-5 hours fishing.


The meadows were popping, with the flowers just starting to come on.


Magenta Paintbrush –


He caught a bunch (and released them), he was joined every once in awhile by others with poles – his method kept catching, the others didn’t.


Did I mention I lazed around, studying the inside of my eyelids? I read a few books on my phone’s Kindle app, took a bunch of photos and then went exploring, up into the basin, checking out areas I hadn’t been to before.


Then more just being lazy……