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Wildflowers and Thunder


My planned backpacking trip got scrapped by thunderstorms in the Cascade Mountains. A whole lot of rain and lighting – which wreaked havoc in the northern part (and that was just part of the damage!). Instead, we let Saturday pass by and on Sunday, Kirk and I took our two youngest for a short hike. It was cloudy/socked in and cold. No complaints. I’ll take cold over hot most hikes. So maybe no views of Rainier, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted wildflowers, and cold means the bugs are not out.


Although it might not have been the best hike for a hiking skirt.


The flowers were worth being in the clouds.


Even in the areas along lakes where there were not any brilliant ones….


Because if you turned your head, there was acres of them in bloom.


Walker and Alistaire checking out everything.


Alistaire was happy to hike on his own, toddling down the trail.


Walker leading the way. It is fun to watch how they change so fast. Last year, he needed help to get up stairs and roots on trails, this year he was sailing up everything.


We got a shy half mile out of Alistaire before he started faltering. He had his little arms up, motioning for me to pick him up. How can I say no? 😉 So into his pack he went and off we went.


That meant he and I got lots of time looking at flowers….


Walker, me and baby on my back (his 18 month appointment was yesterday, the “baby” weighs 30 pounds…..he is a workout just carrying him!)


The PCT to me always looks better shrouded in clouds. The greens are intense and the air so clean.


Walker was loving it….


Lupine in bloom.


A lake to check out makes a kid happy. The thunder was picking up though, so we only stayed there for a few minutes, then headed back down.


Alistaire and me.


Daddy and Walker on the peninsula in the lake.


Dwarfed by a lot of land…..


The weather, even if a bit unnerving, was neat to watch. The wind was pushing the clouds back and forth across the pass, from east to west and back. With a lot of thunder in the distance.


But it was worth it – just to see the flowers. The boys had a lot of fun and both passed out on the way home.


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