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Food Find: Molten Deep Dish Cookies & A Giveaway

While at first look, one might think what does a new line of indulgent cookie mixes have to do with hiking? Oh plenty. Two things really, for me. One, I love to let loose when hiking and live a little. I can eat gluten-free/vegan anytime at home. But how often can I justify snacking on fat bombs, except for when I am sweating up a hill? Number two? The Teen and The Toddler shower me with affection if I pull out treats that are not at home normally. And suddenly hike ever so much faster….

And I have a huge soft spot for Krusteaz mixes, being a PNW native (based out of Seattle). If you shop at Costco, they often have the big boxes of their mixes. Having a chance to try out the entire new line? Good thing it is hiking season – and back to school for the oldest. (I froze most of the baked goodies for trail and school snacks!)

Molten Deep Dish Cookies? Oh yes. Or you could be like my kids and “Ooh, can we have a cookie cupcake?”. Best of all? Incredibly easy to make. Butter, and egg and the mix and an hour later you have tasties to take with you. The cookies freeze well, for stashing for later, as I mentioned.


The best part? If you would love to try out the new line, enter the giveaway below! One lucky reader will receive a goodie box and be able to get baking – and licking fingers.

Classic Cookie with Chocolate Center. Classic indeed! Loved the light and buttery cookie flavor with melty chocolate inside. I was thinking to myself “these would go so well with a hot cup of chai or coffee in the morning”. If you love a blondie, you will love these.


Chocolate Cookie with Caramel Center…um…oh wow. Like a brownie infused with golden caramel, in an easy to carry circle. You’ll be fighting off moochie hiking partners if they see them. It isn’t often I crow on about a boxed mix, honestly, I’d make these and hide the box. They are fantastic! See that caramel? Yeah, I thought so.


Sugar Cookie with Chocolate Center, transformed into the Sweet & Salty Pretzel Centros cookies:


Sweet, salty, crunchy…it works! I loved making the mixes in both ways. Another fun option would be to make the drop cookies, and the use the chocolate filling (without anything added), to make a filling. Sandwich cookies would taste heavenly and pack well. The pretzels are just an awesome addition!

Want to try for a chance to make n’ taste them all? Enter below!

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FTC Disclaimer: We were provided with product samples to review. Giveaway hosted by Trail Cooking, sponsored by company. Valid only in the United States. Winner will be determined by random, via Rafflecopter.

16 thoughts on “Food Find: Molten Deep Dish Cookies & A Giveaway

  1. I’m new to your blog and I’m loving it! I’ve tried other Krusteaz products and am always amazed at how simple and tasty they are. Thanks for the heads-up on these.

  2. I love having special treats when we are away from home. It feels easier to make the point that these are not everyday foods. 🙂

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