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Food Find: Straw Propeller Breakfast Cups

There are to-go cups of oatmeal, and then there are Straw Propeller cups. I was first introduced to them at Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference II, this past May, in Portland, Oregon. Recently I was contacted by them and they sent me a smattering of samples to try out.

I have tried nearly every brand out there and while most are “ok”, none have been stellar. Often the cups are just too small in portion size, because oats are calorie dense. And…are often higher in sugar, to suit the taste buds of consumers used to instant oatmeal packets. At home, Kirk and I often have oatmeal for breakfast. Over the years I backed off the sugar and salt. I would say, for us, it isn’t sweet what we eat. That means when we taste commercial brands it can be very overwhelming. I went back to my thoughts on Quaker’s line of similar cups and looked at calories, size, sugars, protein and ingredients. It is an interesting contrast. But beyond that, the most comparable line contains wheat, which I found very odd to be in oatmeal. Id doesn’t need to be in there, besides being a cheap filler!

Straw Propeller has less sugars, less sodium, more protein and a clean list of ingredients. Do you really need sulfites in your apples and other dried fruits and berries? No. What you need is a tasty breakfast that is easy to prepare, delicious and good for you. Hands down, Straw Propeller is it. And, on a side-note, many of the varieties are vegan friendly.

Thoughts? I liked it with the full amount of water called for. Just open, pour in boiling water, stir and let rest covered for 2-3 minutes, and enjoy. If you like salt, you may want to add a pinch. I was happy to enjoy breakfasts that were not salty, nor have that odd aroma that “natural flavors” gives to dried fruit. Simple, clean and delicious!

Banana Bread is just that – the luscious smell of a loaf right out of the oven. It is vegan.


Apple Crisp? Oh, it was wonderful. Did I mention it is part of their gluten-free line? This was so delicious! (Not vegan, due to the scrumptious white chocolate chips found in with all the apples).



Peaches & Berry Bramble:



Whole raspberries and large chunks of peaches make a great cup of oats, vegan friendly.



And for those who like it cold? They also have a line of muesli cereals as well, 2 of the flavors are vegan:



FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.

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