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Food Find: Crunchies

Kirk and I have used Crunchies freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for years in creating trail recipes, recently I got to try a few new-to-us flavors.

Strawberry Bananas:

Crunchies strawberries are consistently one of the best brands on the market. The berries are crisp, firm and lightly sweet, not sour or tart. They are also nice slices, rather than the powder/broken pieces or worse…whole strawberries, as seen in other brands. The bananas are crisp as well. Just be forewarned, the ‘nanners love to stick to teeth. Worth it though!

Buttered Sweet Corn:


Of the three bags, the buttered corn was my favorite. It was sweet, buttery, salty, crunchy. Think like popcorn, but even better. This is eating out of the bag snack food!

BBQ Roasted Veggies:


Having used their Roasted Veggies before, I fell for the BBQ ones even faster. Give a kick to your meals, by swapping these in for regular dried vegetables.

They also are carrying 6-packs of single serving bags in some of the fruits, perfect for tucking into a snack bag or topping a bowl of oatmeal.


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples.

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