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Food Find: Crispy n’ Crunchy Just Pure Foods Tomato Chips

A blogging conference led me to these crispy “chips”. In a swag bag, I pulled out a package of Just Pure Foods Tomato Chips in Spicy Jalapeño and checked it out. It went back into the bag, and came home with me. It ended up being the last thing for us to try, the bag sat for a few months in our kitchen. It isn’t often one thinks “Ooh, I CRAVE dried tomatoes for a snack!” OK, maybe someone does, that isn’t me though. Finally, I told myself to try them out. And? Surprisingly, I liked them. Even Kirk liked them, and he isn’t a fan of tomatoes overall. The spices contrast nicely, a little heat, and the crunchiness shatters nicely.


With 10 varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, onion and kale, there is a lot of good snacking to be had. Like Seasoned Zucchini Strips:



I just need to find those – they would be great while hiking.

Nut free, yeast free and vegan? You won’t notice the chips missing any of that. And should you have any broken ones or dust/crumbs at the bottom? Sprinkle it on top of your dinner, be it rice, pasta or even a wrap.

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