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Gear Review: Dorcy LED Headlamp

It occurred to me recently that only a decade ago, small headlamps were not the norm yet. I can still remember when I bought my first LED one, one of the first gen Tikka’s. It worked, and wow did the batteries last longer than the old AA battery ones (ah, the days of where you had a strap around AND over the head, with the battery pack on the back of your head). Yet, those early headlamps had issues. The battery door would pop open while on your head, yet you’d break a nail trying to pop it open any other time! The LED’s slowly faded after a few years use. It was top-heavy and would slowly work its way down, kind of plopping over. Still have that lamp though. It resides in my jogger stroller, in my emergency kit 😉

Dorcy LED 120 Lumen Broadbeam Headlight:


It seems every generation (or year really!) has produced thinner, smaller, intensively brighter lamps. At 2.9 ounces (with 3 AAA batteries), it runs for 12 hours, if left on. It isn’t fancy in looks but hugs the head nicely. The light itself is quite adjustable, having a length of up to 157 feet. If you need to see past that, well, you probably don’t want to know what is out there!


Add in that it comes packed with batteries, it is cut out, load and use. With a high, low and strobe setting, that can be focused to where you need the light, it works where one needs it. It is also light enough (and affordable enough) as a great option for kids.

The only negative I found was the battery “door”. It didn’t seem very strong and I worried about it popping. Yet that held just fine in testing. Maybe just too many memories in a tent in the early 2000’s cursing while I tried to press batteries back in with frozen fingers 😉

Affordable, ready to go, easy to use and light. A perfect combination.

FTC Disclaimer: We received the product for potential (unbiased) review.

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