Trees and Mud and No Hobbits

The previous weekend I HAD to get out of the house. It had been raining for a week or two straight and was…sunny!

As with any hike with small kids, the first 15 or 20 minutes was the two of them running around, collecting branches and leaves….and burning off energy. I was trying to be creative and find hikes that were kid friendly and in a state park, so as not to earn myself a fat ticket at Rainier for sneaking in during the shut down.I hadn’t been to Federation Forest in years, which sits on the White River, on the road up to Rainier. It has a tiny hobbit town built out in the woods – a bonus if you can make it there. Well….we didn’t quite make it, but ah well. The state forest hasn’t seen a lot of love, it gets a ton of rain and is a mud pit. Still had a great hike.


Mushrooms! I love fall for spotting them. There were so many out, in every shade.


The bummer was the hobbit village is just beyond this section of lumpy boardwalk. It was twisted, broken and with a huge mud hole on the other end. Adults? Easy. A 3.5 year old? Not so easy, and Mommy was getting tired of carrying him through mud bogs and over creeks 😉


Walker is a strong little hiker, making me very proud of him!


If this forest were in the Olympics, you would swear it was close to being a temperate rain forest. Walker loved the huge trees, and the ravens that were loudly flying over the White River.


He thought it a lot of fun to hop over the tiny creeks, some bridged, some not. To his little legs, they were big. I am enjoying it, seeing hiking through his eyes.


So until the NP’s open again….I’ll be good and enjoy the state parks, which maybe are not as nice, but still give a nice hike.

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