Puffs Fresh Faces? Yes – You Want Them

If you don’t have kids, you probably haven’t heard of Boogie Wipes. Boogie Wipes were this massive game changer with my two youngest – heck, I have even enjoyed listening to a very inspirational speech from the inventor, Mindee Doney, this summer at Disney Social Media Moms Conference. Heck, I use Boogie Wipes when I have head colds!

So you might be asking how does this tie in with Puffs Fresh Faces? Well…same concept, but for your face. Hear me out, and you might find yourself looking for them.


Ask yourself a question: Do you take baby wipes backpacking with you for cleanup at night? You do? Great! They work well. But…they are also heavy and can be very drying on some adults (especially if get scented ones! Nothing like smelling like Pampers baby powder all night….). When I had the chance to try out Puffs Fresh Faces in unscented, I wasn’t sure if I’d like them. More than like, I love them. They are heavy-duty, but thin and light, they leave your face feeling like it was washed with water – it removes sweat, grime, sunscreen – and yes, you can give yourself a “scrub” all over with them so you can keep the ‘hiker stench’ down a bit. Ask yourself…you like boiling water in the dead of winter for a bandana bath? No, because somehow I get water spilled every freaking time in my tent, and it leaves me cold. Give me soft wipes that don’t leave you feeling all chemically. I have very sensitive skin, they felt great on it. And…I can use their scented ones as well (it is very rare I can use scented products). The Fresh Scent is barely noticeable:


Bonus points? If you get the “It’s 28° out and my nose is dripping” , keep a 15-count pack in your pocket. These wipes can remove ANY of the worst snot your nose can produce. Seriously. If you have spent time with a toddler, you know just how bad it gets. These wipes will remove it and leave your face feeling good. No dry out, no painful wiping.

Bonus if you also can find the single use packets (I love those and when I get them, in both Puffs Fresh Faces and Boogie Wipes), I stash them in my backpack for later use.

FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential Review.

3 thoughts on “Puffs Fresh Faces? Yes – You Want Them

  1. Where can you get them? Specialty stores? Pharmacies? Big Box stores? I am always looking for good wet wipes. I really like the Coleman BioWipes but they are a little flimsy even though they are compostable, which I like for the backcountry privies. Otherwise I pack everything out so it’s a moot point then.

  2. H,
    I know Target carries them – and I’ll bet they show up in Costco soon enough! What I liked best is they didn’t smell manly…lol!

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