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Will You Be There In Spring, Tahoma?


The last time I hiked this trail I was pregnant with my third son, in the summer of 2011. I slowly made it to the end of the trail, wondering why I had thought it was a good idea to come there – the end of the trail did pay off, and it was truly worth it. I didn’t think though it would be 2+ years till I got back there. Life has this painful way of getting busy.


With a freak weather inversion holding tight, how could I say no to going along with my friend Jared? Fog all day at home, down low. Sunny and warm up high. Our payback for one heck of a nasty September! It didn’t feel like the tail end of October. It was warm. You just had to ignore the snow on the trail up high, and in the shadowed areas.


But mostly was how quiet it really was. The shut down left this side of the park pretty quiet, everything was sealed for winter – and the gates were closing Sunday. One last day to walk this trail till spring and summer come next year. Which for it, is late June often.


Where the Inter winds down from the Inter Glacier, is a narrow and ripped up chasm – on the other side of the thin ridge is the headwaters of the White River, from the Emmons Glacier.


Fall, warm and sunny, no bugs and yellow everywhere.


This wee spot on the Inter has healed nicely over the years, from where it blew out in 2006.


I mean, how could I not want to be here?


Oh why does it have to be closed for the season now?


And yet…snow is there, in the upper reaches of the Inter.


On the way home I asked Jared, his girlfriend and her sister if they had checked out the mining relics. “Huh?” Hah, apparently they missed seeing all the cool relics 😉 Heehee


Spring will be here soon enough and next summer I am hoping to take Walker with me, so he can walk it – he will love the bears that frolic in Glacier Basin. All I got to hope is we don’t have flooding and this pretty trail waits for us.


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