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Food Find & New Recipe: Multi-Grain Medley



Minute® Rice has stepped up its game and brought out a multi-grain medley, a mix of brown, red and wild rice with quinoa. Nothing else added. Gluten-free as well. Something I liked? It is portioned into 4 inner bags, each bag contains 1 cup uncooked rice mix, which makes about 1 1/3 cups once cooked. (A bag is 2 servings – which means 1 serving in hiking terms)

As with instant brown rice, using a bit less water than called for goes a long way, as does cooking it in a pot, rather than FBC. But if you are willing to wait at least 15 minutes, you can prepare it FBC.




Multi-Grain Pilaf


1 pouch Multi-Grain Medley

¼ cup freeze-dried vegetables

1 stick broth concentrate

1 packet olive oil (1 Tbsp)

Parmesan cheese packets (3-4)


One Pot Meal –

Bring 1 cup water, broth concentrate and oil to boil, add in rice and vegetables. Lower flame to low, stir and cover. Let simmer for 5 minutes, take off stove, wrap tightly and let sit for 10 minutes (a pot cozy works well). Toss rice with as much cheese as desired.


Pack rice mix and vegetables in a quart freezer bag.

Bring water to boil. Add broth concentrate and oil to freezer bag, place bag in a FBC Cozy, add in water, stir and seal tightly. Let sit for at least 15 minutes. Add cheese to taste.

Serves 1.

5 thoughts on “Food Find & New Recipe: Multi-Grain Medley

  1. As I love minute rice anyway I can imagine this being a great addition to my camp kitchen. I guess the broth really turns up the flavour an extra notch

  2. Thanks Sarah, once again you have helped us eat well on the trail, and this makes it even easier.

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