New Recipe: Chicken and Rice Pilaf


Chicken and Rice Pilaf was added to the website recently, a recipe re-visit this past weekend while we stayed on the Pacific Ocean. It made a warming lunch, which was nice due to the raging storm outside!


Sometimes one needs a little luxury – like a sheltered deck to cook on!


Find the recipe on TrailCooking!

4 Comments on “New Recipe: Chicken and Rice Pilaf

  1. Yummy, looks delicious, will definitely have to try this! Did you like the string cheese? I think I might omit that and substitute in some Worcestershire sauce.

  2. Parmesan cheese would have been good as well – and Wor. sauce? Oh yeah!

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  4. Now that is a great looking recipe! Love the easy, not messy, type of foods. Great thing about the pilaf is that its good food to keep you full for the long haul! I particularly enjoy that it’s also gluten free – as I find too much gluten type of food seems to weigh me down during the hike. Looking forward to reading more of your great recipes!

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