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Food Find: Lunchables Jr.

lunchablesjr Looking for something new to bribe your kids with while hiking? Or more likely, something new and fun for yourself? Lunchables has a line of shelf stable snacks out, with 4 flavor combinations, Lunchables Jr. Having tried out the Blueberry Bonanza, it is a fun idea. Three snacks, in one tray, that protects against getting crushed – perfect for a daypack. It had savory mini Cheez-It’s, sweet Nilla wafers and blueberry flavored apples, without added artificial coloring. Wal-Mart has the take alongs hidden in the kids/baby food section (that is in the baby section of the store), which usually boasts more than a few items that hikers should check out (freeze-dried yogurt drops and fruit are usually there as well!)

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