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Gear Review: Free Country’s Switchback Jacket System

Having a family of 5 I’ll be honest…we spend a lot of time at Costco. Costco carries a lot of interesting things, especially if you wander. One brand I have seen recently is Free Country, for the fall line.

Which leads into this clothing review. Not all outdoor clothing has to come from REI and its cousins. If one has the time they can find plenty of great items at Costco and chains like Kohl’s, for a lot less $. Unless you are actually doing really technical activities, one doesn’t “need” a $300 to $500 jacket. Don’t get me wrong…I do have a technical jacket, that cost way too much and is as light as can be. It is great. And I don’t wear it around town or for casual hiking – I am afraid of wrecking it. I do though have a range of jackets I rotate through at home, for dayhiking, walking in town and just staying warm in. With style and function – and that don’t cost a ton.

Women’s Switchback 3 in 1 Systems Jacket:



The outer layer fitted, and unlike many jackets, the arms are cut for an average height female (like say 5’3″ to 5’7″). I am on the short side and find often that jacket arms hang to my fingertips, which isn’t good for anything! The other is the jacket is cut to high hip, leaving your upper butt covered, but not getting in the way of mobility while walking or snowshoeing. The hood is cut tight, so you have less “flop-forwards” that blocks side vision.

Downsides? The outer jacket is a bit noisy when first wearing. Sizing is VERY small, if you are chesty, be warned to upsize.

I love the vivid red liner:


Warm, snugly cut, it is attractive and not bulky. Again, it is on the small sizing. The pockets are warm, with no zippers to get in the way. It makes a great casual jacket on its own for wearing. Polyfill instead of down keeps the price down, which I don’t mind for casual wear, but might be a disqualify for others.

For casual hiking and snow sports, try on a Free Country jacket or coat, you might like it, and save some money as well!

FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review.

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  1. I began following your blog a long time ago for the recipes, but with a family of my own, I am now curious about this brand of clothing too. How is your jacket holding up?

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