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Food Find: Salazon Chocolates

Opening up a box of Salazon Chocolates I wondered how had I not seen these bars before? Had I missed them at Whole Foods on one of my rare trips? (I only go about 2x a year) Fancy chocolate with a hiking theme? Hello!


I was intrigued to try them – for a few reasons. One, I reeeaaallllyyyyy love lightly salted chocolate. It takes chocolate to where it should be. Too often I find chocolate to be overwhelming and flat tasting. And this plays into reason two: there is a line between dark and too dark in chocolate – for me. Salazon is 57%. They seem to get that really well. Just dark enough to be good, but not so dark it is bitter (and flat). And even better? Their chocolate came out of a backpacking trip.

The Caramel is wonderful: the bite of chocolate, crunch of salt and a thin layer of caramel. Neither sweet or bitter, it is perfect as a small treat when you crave a treat.


There 5 flavors in total, offering a treat with pepper, coffee and more! Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, 3 flavors are vegan, Kosher, and sustainable raised.

FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples.

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