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13 Recipes of 2013

I posted quite a few recipes over 2013 so looking through them, here are 13 of my favorites for the year!

Dry Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix


Dry Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix


Spaghetti Carbonara


Crunchy, Salty & Sweet Trail Mix


Bacon & Corn Chowder


Shrimp Sesame Noodles


Fried Egg Over Savory Rice


Chicken & Rice Pilaf


Tuna & Veggie Rice Pilaf


Sarah’s Most Amazing Soft & Chewy Granola Bars


Tomato & Herb Pasta


Cherry Almond Bars


Simple & Scrumptious Sammies


May you have a happy New Years!

3 thoughts on “13 Recipes of 2013

  1. Loving freezer bag cooking for backpacking. Discovered some techniques that work well for me. First, follow your recipes. They are tasty and well thought out. Next, I like to use a Neoprene pouch as a cozy. Here is my set up; Neoprene camera lens pouch or a neoprene nalgene bottle pouch, 4 cup silicone flexible measuring cup that fits nicely into the pouch, quart size freezer bags, long handled spoon or spork. The neoprene insulates and is easy to clean. The measuring cup adds insulation and allows easy and exact measuring of water for recipes and provides a fantastic container for the bag when it is in your hand. Foods go in the bag, the bag goes into the cup, and then the cup goes into the cozy. When the food is cooked/heated, I take the cup out of the cozy and fold the opened bag down over the cup rim, and eat out of the bag held by the cup. The fold over fits the cup perfectly. Cup stays clean. My hand doesn’t get burned. Food stay warm. Whole set up is light, squishy, cheap, easy to clean, unbreakable. Keep the yummy recipes coming and thank you.

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