Opening Of The Eyes

Yesterday I talked about the work that Repreve is doing to recycle more water bottles and turn them into functional and usable items. After I had published the post in the morning, I took Walker and Alistaire on two short hikes. It was sunny so how could we pass it up? I thought we’d see what we could find in recyclable trash, thinking it shouldn’t be too bad. Right. In less than 5 minutes I was steamed. The boys got an education. The paths we walked were in local parks, nothing wilderness or remote, but still one can hope others would have pride, no? And so…out of this came a short video from me.


The first thing we encountered was a grocery sack, wrapped into the bushes. It was warping how the branches were growing.


A pretty little creek, only feet from the lake it is draining…and oh, yeah, a water bottle. Nice.


On our second walk we immediately found a water bottle. And more plastic items.


Only feet away? A tire. A TIRE. In a pretty lake, full of fish and ducks. How lazy is one to throw a tire into a lake. Sadly, I couldn’t get to the tire to get it out. That is the learning lesson up next: going back and fetching it. If anything, while I was sadly disappointed by laziness/sloppy behavior, I realized my kids got a great learning lesson.


That is what I want them to enjoy. Sun-dappled woods free of garbage. I will continue to pick it up so that they can have a cleaner future, and if possible, recycle those items I haul out.

FTC Disclaimer: I want to thank REPREVE for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to #TurnItGreen.