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Choosing a 3-Season Sleeping Bag

A quality sleeping bag is everything. Trust me on that. I tried cheap. I tried 45 bags in 20 degree weather. I hated every night I slept out. I was always cold. Then one day I coughed up the $$ for my first down bag. It was heaven. It was worth the cost.

Lesson? Don’t be like me. Just buy a GOOD sleeping bag first time out. You will NOT regret it!

Sleeping Bags Infographic: Choosing a 3-Season Sleeping Bag

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2 thoughts on “Choosing a 3-Season Sleeping Bag

  1. If I had bought a down bag in the late 60’s, I’d probably still be using it. I know a couple of people with down bags of that vintage. Instead, I bought a synthetic White Stag (Hirsh-Weis) bag, then three TNF Cats Meow bags, and finally, seven years ago, a Western Mountaineering Alpenlite. What a lovely bag. But I spent about $500 on synthetic bags before I spent $450 on a down bag.

  2. I’m up to walking the pacific trail crest later this year and am looking up several sites for various kinds of materials for during my trail. Was looking for food tips but good to be here and see this amazeballs sleeping bag, never thought about it to be honest. bit stupid. So… Thanks 🙂

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