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Food Find: Duke’s Jerky

Jerky is a food that nearly always gets tapped over to Ford (The Teen) to do test tasting on. Years of wearing braces made it a snack I didn’t indulge in, but as well most jerky has so many preservatives in it, that I can’t try it. When we received a package of jerky to try out, I set it aside for Ford.

After making Spicy Sausage Gravy with the Shorty Smoked Sausages, I was intrigued to try out the jerky. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited! And then I realized a connection – the founder of Duke’s is the son of a fellow hiker, who I met through a hiker forum back in the day!

Up first was Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky:


It was nearly candy-like. Just a bit sweet, soaked through with flavor, thin sheets of meat. It was beyond delicious. So maybe this is what jerky should taste like I thought, and not the jaw wrecking jerky that is sold at Costco….

The second flavor was Island Teriyaki:


Pleasantly chewy, thinly sliced and full of amazing flavor. Shredded finely, this jerky would be amazing in ramen and rice dishes as well. This was the softest of the 3 I tried.

In the end, the only sharing I did was not with my teen son, but rather I gave my trainer, John, a bag of Original Angus:


I figured the teen wouldn’t appreciate the flavors as much 😉 Needless to say…all the jerky is gone and enjoyed!

PS: Ever wanted to make your own jerky? Check out the DIY section on their website as well.

FTC Disclaimer: We received samples for potential review.