Trail Cooking

In Print Now: Trail Cooking & Trail Eats

I am excited to announce that both of our recent Kindle releases are now in print, in plenty of time for upcoming spring backpacking trips! Two new trail cookbooks for 2014!

Trail Cooking: Trail Food Made Gourmet 275+ recipes, with so many choices you will want to get out every weekend!


Trail Eats, with a photo for nearly every recipe, 50 of our favorite trail-tested recipes:


The Kindle and print versions will be connected on Amazon soon, and there will be money-saving deal for those who have bought the print, and later decide they would like the Kindle version as well.

PS: Yes, there is yet another book coming! The Volume 2 of FBC is being honed currently. It will be in Kindle first, and then print. I don’t have a date yet, but am hoping before spring arrives. This winter has been very productive for us!

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