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Gear Review: Smartphone Backup Power

For me, technology has been something I have embraced, especially if it is easy to use and makes my life more enjoyable. When I think about hiking and backpacking even 10 years ago, what pops up in my mind is how many things I used to carry on trips, even when going light.

Camera, GPS, mobile phone, paperback book(s). The list was long. And now? I carry everything in my smartphone. Wether or not this is good, who knows ūüėČ Convenient, yes. But there is of course a drawback to all my snazzy things my Nokia Lumia 1020 can do. That pesky thing called “battery life”. Even with certain things turned off (phone service, GPS) I can still drain it good if I take a lot of photos or stay up half the night reading via my Kindle app. Especially if it is chilly out.

So having a chance to review an external battery pack from RAVPower was something I didn’t pass up. Especially as it was also attractive, small, light and features a well-tuned flashlight. The RAVPower¬ģ Luster 3000mAh External Battery Pack Portable Charger fits in your hand and is simple to use. As long as your phone uses a mini USB charger, you have an extra dose of power on hand, a full charge for many smartphones.


At just over 4″ tall, it fits in nearly anyone’s hand easily.


The battery comes with a USB cord to connect from it to your phone, the standard USB end goes into the battery pack, the mini USB into your phone. To charge the battery, plug the cord into your computer at home, use a mini USB phone charger, or if your car has a USB port (my van does!) you can charge it while you drive! The battery pack glows red while charging, then blue when done. And at less than $20, it is affordable!

It is also a great LED flashlight with a bright bulb, featuring regular, bright and party strobe settings.¬†Overall, the power button for the flashlight is recessed enough to keep it from turning on, but I still keep it away from other items, to ensure it doesn’t get turned on by accident.

A great (and tiny) tool to have along, be it for a long dayhike, or weekend backpack. Now I know I can keep reading and reading….all night long, and still have a camera feature come morning.

FTC Disclosure: We received product samples for review.

5 thoughts on “Gear Review: Smartphone Backup Power

  1. It would be interesting to know if it has enough power to recharge some of the new rechargeable tactical flashlights that many people carry hiking and camping. If it does, that would definitely be something owners of that type of flashlight would want to carry. I realize this acts as a flashlight, but my assumption is the brightness is less than 100 lumens.

  2. Nice review. But now I think the price is down as well as a lot of more powerful power bank comes in the market. Hope you will update us with new products as well. Thanks.

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