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New Recipe: Spicy Sunflower Sauce

Looking through the recipes on the website I noted just how many peanut sauce recipes we have featured. Quite a few, lets leave it at that! Before our youngest son was diagnosed with severe peanut & tree nut allergies, a huge jar of Adam’s Natural PB or packets of Justin’s PB was always in the house or backpack. Since then, our house has been a peanut and nut butter free zone (I only eat peanuts and tree nuts if I am away from my son). He happily snacks on SunButter Natural Sunflower Seed Spread and we use it in recipes at home all the time. As I think of recipes he might like, my mind wandered to peanut sauce. Because not only is it tasty, it is full of fat that keeps you full.

Now then….will most kids eat spicy sunflower sauce? Maybe if you cut back the spice 😉 Ours were raised on it. Heck, they fight over the “baby hot sauce” bottle (a mini bottle) every night at dinner. If anything, I’d make it even spicier for myself.

What to use the sauce in? As noted in our Peanut Sauce recipe, it is perfect to mix in with a 7 ounce pouch of chicken breast or better, and my choice, is prepare 2 cups instant rice, using the FBC method (it’ll fill up a quart bag), then mix in the sauce. Add chicken if you like, or garbanzo beans, and you’ll have a very filling meal for 2 to 3. Or use it as a spread on wraps and sandwiches, or a dip for baby carrots. Toss hot pasta or gluten-free noodles with it. Mix into plain oatmeal for a savory dinner or into instant grits.


Spicy Sunflower Sauce


Directions: Stir ingredients until smooth. Carry in a tightly sealed container or small bag. If carrying on trail, use first day. This can also be made on trail, with packets, if desired. Add all the packets into a snack size zip top bag, stir until mixed (or knead very gently).

Notes: If you are avoiding gluten, be wary with most soy sauce, it is often wheat based. There are options in packets, as well you can carry it in a small bottle, it doesn’t go bad easily! We buy Sweet Chili Sauce that is gluten-free (the big name Thailand brands all are), if it isn’t an issue one can get packets of it. Sunbutter packets are available as well.