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Coastal Time

In Washington State, on the Western side of the Cascade Mountains, there is usually two weather variations in winter: Sunny and cold, Wet and ewww. Maybe it is the kids, but I have lost much of my enthusiasm for backpacking in either of those choices. Or maybe I am just getting old. Either way, I am OK with it. When I need my fix of the outdoors during the long cold months, I get Kirk and the boys, and we go out to the Olympic Peninsula for a retreat. One of my favorite places to stay at is Kalaloch Lodge. Especially in the Seacrest House, in the 2 bedroom suite – which is almost an apartment! Perfect for when you have a mess of kids along.

We spent our previous weekend playing on the sand, watching the tides, going on casual hikes. But mostly just being there and being a family.

Walker and Alistaire, ready to blind everyone on the trail –


Walking with Alistaire’s hand in mine, I slowed down to his pace, which is perfect for noticing things. To get to the trail we wanted to walk on, we had to skirt Hwy 101. I have driven over this bridge many times. But never noticed its date, which is 1930. 84 years – with a small wooden walking platform on one side for pedestrians. Hmmm…maybe looking down isn’t good, when one starts noticing how many of those boards are not exactly prime, and some are missing chunks.


Walker checking out the hiking path we set off down –


Miles and miles of coastal forest that nearly all looks alike – sharply distressed trees, twisted by the nearly constant winds –


All the beach needs is a little sun and it feels amazing. We made the beach as high tide was coming in, and headed North quickly, to make the next inland turn in.


Freaky Tree Man. I have this thing about the Olympic Coastal strip. I love hiking it. I enjoy camping on it. But I do not like putting up a tent in the tangled forests along the water. I do not know why. I just do not like it. And Tree Man is a reason why…..


A path that green is what led me to Tree Man….


But alas, soon our hike ran out and we came back to civilization. Which is OK. Because lunch tastes so good after being out in the cold!


Kalaloch Creek –



Beach hiking with the boys. Kirk and Walker, checking out the low tide. The beach was strewn with shells from the Seagulls.


For now, short hikes are OK. It will come. Alistaire walked it all himself. My back thanked him.


High tide had been all the way up earlier that Saturday. The shelf of sand and rocks is taller than me!


Just a relaxing weekend. Which is sometimes just what one needs!

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