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Fueled For A Day!

Craving an entire day’s of meals, that lean towards the Hippy Hutâ„¢? Take a look at this collection of recipes from TrailCooking and see if you have some inspiration!



Creamsicle Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Covered Cherry Granola Bars


Chickpea and Sweet Corn Salad


Sweet Coconut Curry Granola Bars


Edamame Noodle Bowl


Chai Ginger Pudding

3 thoughts on “Fueled For A Day!

  1. Sarah, I often wonder with your no-cook trail bars, how long would they last in a food bag or bear cannister, since they need to be chilled?

  2. Many of the no-cook ones will hold up fine for a few days – especially if wrapped well in plastic wrap. My nut/fruit ones for example I store on the counter, wrapped, for a week with no issues.

  3. Hi Sarah, just found your site through Feedly, what a great site. I think I’ll be trying your sweet coconut curry granola bars – sounds delish.

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