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Gear Review: EZ Squeezees

EZ Squeezees? What might that be, I can be sure more than a few are thinking. Well, if you happen to have kids around the past few years, you have seen the boom in food packets. My two youngest have grown up with them, a near no-mess, on the go, convenient snacking or meal for them. Yet, the pouches have a lot of potential. So much I have seen in the past two years everything from gel packs for adult athletes to fruit squeezes with chia seeds for health nuts. But…these pouches have a few issues with the biggest being: They are not cheap. The more “premium” brands run $1.50 to $3.00 a single pouch. Yes, a single 3 to 6 ounce pouch. Someone got rich on this idea! Even the lesser hip brands run 50 cents to $1.00 a pouch! And they can’t be recycled either, so a treat here and there is OK, but…it adds up in the end. The last issue is getting exactly what you crave in that pouch!

So enter a different potential, the reusable squeeze pouch.I have tried a few brands in the past year, and of them the EZ Squeezees have been the easiest to fill and to clean.




Any mostly smooth puree can be placed in the pouch and taken with you. Meaning you take homemade smoothies, fruit and vegetable purees, ones with nut or seed butters added.

So, why would you take these? Portion control. Ease of eating. Freeze them, and tuck in your pack for a great cold treat mid-day when dayhiking. Surprise your kids with their favorite treats. When they are done, seal up and wash when you get home.

They also make a nifty way to carry thick liquids on trail I might add. Fill, seal and carry in a plastic sack. The hip and modern way ­čśë You’d be surprised what you can carry! And as a backup water container? Or as well, a water container to give to small ones – our youngest was handling pouches by hand well before he was 8 months old. It is a nifty way to get them to drink more while hiking.

BTW, another thing I like about these pouches is that you can use either the small caps (for adult hands) or big caps (for little ones). They offer both.

Want an incredibly tasty treat for kids when they are hiking with you? Make a batch of my slow cooker applesauce. It makes the commercial pouch applesauce look pedestrian!

So, pull out your bin of chia seeds and make up some chia seed pudding. Chill and spoon in, seal up, and you’ll be powered up while hiking!

FTC Disclosure: We received review copies.

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