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Spring Hiking In The Local Woods

So much nice weather this past few days! I couldn’t stay inside and waste it. Saturday I took all 3 boys and we walked on the local Green to Cedar River trail, with walker and Alistaire leading –


A few tunnels always makes wee ones happy. Especially if you make choo-choo noises 😉


Flowers everywhere, so much color!


Alistaire did so well on our Sunday morning hike at Cedar Creek Park. He walked the whole loop and for the first time didn’t ask to be carried at all. I liked that….


Walker, who turned 4 today, was very, very excited to be out hiking!


I actually enjoy the slow pace when I walk with Alistaire. I see so much more….


So much Spring life on one small nurse log –


Native Red Huckleberries just starting to awaken for Spring –


2 boys and Daddy –


White flowers I didn’t recognize –


Love that so much is green. Watching Spring waken is the best….


Berries soon enough will fill this trail!


This morning I took the boys on a short walk around a local stream and lake (and then onto the playgrounds) and the Flowering Currant was just gorgeous. It is 68* here this afternoon. I can take a lovely day of warm weather, since the rains will return soon enough 😉


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