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Food Find: Perky Jerky

A few years back, Perky Jerky hit the market. I can remember on hiking forums the merits of it being discussed. Jerky with caffeine? For me, it wasn’t something I’d grab, but then I have never been a huge jerky fan (and back then I still had braces on as well). Recently though, Perky Jerky sent us samples. Kirk saw the box and was intrigued. He had come home from a hard workout and was starving. And was feeling exhausted. Hmmm….jerky with benefits? While I tried it and passed on it, Kirk enjoyed it quite a bit. Protein for long workouts, and a boost of Guarana, which provides the caffeine.


Beef Teriyaki:


There are 4 flavors of beef and 4 of turkey. 6 of the 8 are gluten-free, the “Original” flavor in each meat does contain wheat.


Turkey Original:


It definitely is different – and if you love jerky, you may well love this for long hikes! (Or for that long drive back home…..)

FTC Disclosure: We received product samples for potential review.

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