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Food Find: Asian Passage Meals

I picked up a few boxes of Asian Passage® Meals recently from Cost Plus World Market. Shelf-stable, and easily prepared with boiling water.


Pad Thai and Sesame Teriyaki above. Are they worth it? Yes and no.


The ingredients are packed in a reusable covered tray (quite sturdy actually), that could be reused for a whole backpacking trip. It comes with precooked noodles, a dry vegetable packet and sauce packet.


The meals are very easy to prepare: add noodles to tray, add dried vegetables and then pour boiling water over. Seal top and let sit for 3 minutes (note: you MUST insulate it if outdoors or it will get too cold). Crack open lid, break apart noodles, gently drain water (I used about 1 cup water with each tray), then add sauce and toss.


Easy enough and the flavor is good for the sauces.

But ah, the cons?

Weight. A meal is 9.2 ounces packed. You can strip it and only carry the ingredients, and leave the tray behind, the weight though is in the fresh noodles and sauce.

The Pad Thai is only 450 calories, the teriyaki is even lower, at 350 calories.

It has too much sauce.

The Pad Thai is made with…um…wheat based noodles. I am going to hedge that rice noodles didn’t work for it.

It won’t fill you up. The meals need protein added in, such as chicken, salmon or even garbanzo beans. If protein was added, this would fill you up – and still be much cheaper than buying a $10 freeze-dried meal. Each meal costs $2.99.

Final Thoughts:

I think the meals have potential, that if doctored up with protein (and there is plenty of sauce to cover it!), this would make a great lazy overnight trip meal. But as stand alone meals, you will be left hungry and muttering over how much the meal weighed for how little your belly was fed.

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  1. That’s not too horrible provided that it’s for the whole thing. I was just at the grocery store yesterday and was looking at some of the canned oriental veggies – one can was 690mg and I thought, “okay that’s not great, but doable for the can, I’ll dehydrate it and use it for two meals,” until I read that there were 2.5 servings per 12oz can for a total of 1725mg. That is just an insane amount of salt. Same with the canned chicken – Swanson 260mg/2oz serving, Valley Fresh 260mg/2oz serving, Bumblebee is only 140mg/2oz serving (of course they DON’T have pop tops but for that big a sodium difference I’ll carry a little can opener).

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