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The Pretty Trails Of Lake Wilderness Arboretum

Having a dry morning, I got the kids dressed and took them on a rambling through a local park, in our town of Maple Valley. Kirk and I got married in this arboretum, yet I realized it had been far too many years since I walked the trails that wind through it. But that is the thing: little children can allow one the luxury to check out local trails, that normally one might gloss over as being too short, too in town,or just not “wild enough”. They don’t need to sit in a car for an hour or two to a trailhead – a few minutes down the road and we are out walking. I am loving this age with Walker and Alistaire. Strong enough to hike, with eyes taking everything in.


The Lake Wilderness Arboretum sits connected to Lake Wilderness Park, in the heart of our town. Through the middle of it, The Green To Cedar River Trail winds through it. While flanked with houses in many parts up high, very little of the lake is built on – the trail and the park protect the majority of it. The entire area is foot, bicycle and even jogger stroller friendly – and yes, poochie friendly as well.


ย The new map for kids is just beyond cute! They had all the map kiosks stocked with them. Both of the boys grabbed one and off we went…..


Benches? Yes. And I think they visited every single one ๐Ÿ˜‰


Walker on the “floating” bridge.


And something new? I had not seen the totem pole before! Well, maybe I should come here more often…..


Trails to run on, squeal, be too loud and have fun….


Trilliums? I know Spring is here when I see my first of the year!


Alistaire was amazed and squatted down to watch ants going back and forth – there was a big ant hill a few feet away.


The first of the Rhodedrons in bloom – they are native to here.


The forest floor was littered with blooms. They picked them up and were disappointed they didn’t have a “flower smell”. Hah!


A Pink Fawn Lily! So pretty!


The creeping vine….


And my biggest lesson? To teach those two to never, ever eat red berries unless it is said they can. Alistaire saw this tall bush and made a beeline for it. That I grow a wide variety of berries for them at home is why – they love berries. Thankfully I saw him going for them and we had a discussion…..although I am sure one nibble and he’d have spit any of those out ๐Ÿ˜‰