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Food Find: Ready Snax

Ready Snax® is a line of 6 varieties, found in the produce section of grocery stores (near the bagged salads). The boys and I picked up the Carrots, Grapes & Cheese with Pretzels to try:


Hmmmm…..maybe Mommy needs to drill into the hungry little hiker’s heads the #1 rule: No touchy till Mommy gets in a few photos.


As soon as I had the plastic off the top, the boys were tearing into the tray!


Juicy grapes? Crunchy carrots? Yes! Every single bit was shoveled down.


Walker loved this one:


Veggies & Cheese with Ranch Dip:


Kids will love these trays! They are perfect for grabbing on the way to the trailhead and tucking into packs. Fresh tasting with fun mixes of flavors. Heck, even adults will like it. I mean….maybe if this adult had even gotten a chance to have more than ONE GRAPE! 😉

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