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Short Ramblings with Wee Ones

On a drizzly grey morning what is the point of a long drive? Maybe I might see a better set of trails, but on the other hand, there won’t be views. But more, the kids simply don’t care if we hike locally or a 100 miles away. A trail is the same to them! So I picked a small set of trails locally, that I hadn’t walked in many years. Kind of nice to “re-discover” them.

Looking at the weather predictions we supposedly had a few hours before the rain was due, so we set out. And walking above a lake is nice…


To get there we walked on a local rail to trail, which of course made the two youngest very happy.


Not that I can keep up with the three of them anymore. Even the 2 year old can smoke me….


Finally we entered the trail system:


Alistaire wasn’t so sure about the “log”. Methinks I have a lot of work to do with him before hiking season starts 😉


Still, it was pretty in the woods, even if we were surrounded by homes on 2 sides. Yet, you couldn’t hear people. Nice effect!


Then suddenly the rain showed up, oh 3-4 hours early. And I wasn’t wearing a jacket. Oops.


So a quick jig here and there and down we headed…..


At least we had a nice, if short, hike and got outside. And got back to the van as the skies really started dumping.

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