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Broccoli Mushroom Bisque

Recently I realized it has been awhile since I reviewed meals from PackitGourmet. When they first came on the market in around 2008, I reviewed quite a few meals (such as this one). They were, and still are, one of the best choices for commercial meals (in my opinion that is!). I love how the meals come with everything you need, and offer options of cooking in a pot or the bag, for most of the meals.

I was intrigued by the soups, I had not had them before. First up was Broccoli Mushroom Bisque, full of mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, jalapeños and shallots. Just creamy enough to satisfy – and very easy to prep. 12 ounces of boiling water and 10 minutes later you are eating.


I often enjoy soup in camp, mostly because it easy on my stomach and gets me hydrated. If I am tired and dehydrated, there is nothing like soup in the evening, as it cools down. The bisque is perfect for that. Bring along a roll to dunk in, or crackers, and you will have a meal.