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Meal Review: Poblano Corn Chowder

In my recent order from Packit Gourmet, I had a few soups tucked in. I wondered how the Poblano Corn Chowder would taste, and how its texture would be.


With two methods of prep – FBC style where you pour in boiling water – or bring water to boil and add in soup, you will have dinner on in under 15 minutes. It is a a pleasant soup, not too salty, thick chowder, with plenty of ‘big’ bites of vegetables. Craving a big dish for dinner? While your soup rehydrates, also make up a bag of instant rice, say 1/2 cup dry. It takes the same time to be ready as the soup. Then serve the chowder over the rice. Delicious and filling. Cold nights were made for this!

And as for the spice level? Nothing to worry about! Warms the belly, without tastebud burning. If you like heat, bring a packet or bottle of hot sauce along.

Is it worth it? Very much so. This soup is a winner.