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Nolte State Park

Nolte State Park is a tiny state park, on the edge of South-East King County, just a few miles down the road from us, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. It is a great park because it is close in, and has a nifty loop trail around Deep Lake. The park itself is barely bigger than the lake.  It is also a great choice for small children. I was out running errands with Walker and Alistaire on Monday, and as we drove the ‘scenic’ route home I pulled into the park on an impulse. We had a sunny day, but I figured that maybe I might see one person. Oops! The park had lots of people thinking the same way as me – get out and enjoy it before the weather shifted. Again. Eek! On Tuesday it hailed twice. So I am glad I did it.


This hike was also a milestone for me. It was the first time I had hiked with the two boys, without anyone else, outside of town. And they hiked the entire trail on their own. No kid carrier!


Walker might be bigger, and be able to run faster, but Alistaire can catch up pretty good now.


I do quite understand that 1.4 miles is nothing phenomenal for most. Yet, for a 2 year old, it is. There is so much to look at, to poke and wonder. And so many sticks to be had.


Since I had a lot of time to ponder life as we walked, I mulled over how it was when I hiked with my oldest at this age. Life was different then, when Ford was 4. I was driven to see everything, hiking was an addiction. With Walker and Alistaire, I have realized that age has been good for mellowing me out. It is OK if I don’t do long miles, or that we reach a summit. Rather, they have taught me a lot – especially when I get down to their level.


The trail winds around the lake, often with views filtering through.


Plenty of tiny trails snake off, if one wants to go down to the lake shore. I kept them on trail or we’d never get done 😉


Berries in May? Oh yes.


My Twin Terrors hanging out under a very big tree….


Hanging out on the bridge that crosses the inlet creek. Walker is very protective of his little brother and will police him. He was VERY upset that “baby is too close” to the bridge. It was getting him quite upset so I hurried them along and occupied them with…finding more sticks!


Ooh! The endangered dandelion 😉 If you follow the FreezerBagCooking Facebook page, you saw this photo last week:


I cannot keep those two out of Dandelions!


Finally we rounded the bottom of the lake and headed back uphill.


Green forest, a sunny day, two little boys getting worn out – and a loop hike finished….we ambled over to the kids rock climbing wall at the park, had a snack and headed home.