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Rhodies In Bloom

With a few hours of gorgeous sun between two days of pelting rain, I took the chance of a quick hike with all of my boys over the past weekend, at our local Arboretum.


Ford wasn’t too thrilled that I made him come along, but the two youngest were thrilled as always.


Having an older teen really makes hiking with the youngest ones easier – an extra hand to help me!


The Rhododendrons were in bloom this week.


A picnic while hiking? Even better!


After lunch, we left the Arboretum and crossed the rail to trail, to hike in another section of trails. Nicely overgrown, and lush with spring growth, it was fun for the boys to crash through it.



My 3 boys above me, on the rail to trail.


We crossed back into the Arboretum, and wound through the rhodedrons, to see what was in bloom. Loved the pink!


Love the lilac color!


Walker and Alistaire having fun….


Alistaire was very into the flowers. I can take that!


Kirk and I got married close to this pretty spot, was neat to see our youngest walking here.


The pink flowers were simply amazing! I loved the detail, and don’t think I have ever looked so close at them. Hiking with wee ones leaves a lot of free time to look.

2 thoughts on “Rhodies In Bloom

  1. Ahh Rhodos! You will have to visit West Virginia – that’s our state flower 😀 I envy that you have the lilac color! All we have here is pink and white 😀

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