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Meal Review: West Memphis Grits Souffle

A recent breakfast pick was West Memphis Grits Souffle from PackitGourmet:


A filling single serving meal, it is easy to prep, with either “cook in bag” or “one pot” directions. As noted on the package, if you cook it in your pot, be sure to use a slick non-stick pot, freeze-dried cheese can and will stick.

With just enough spicy heat to warm you for the day, this breakfast would also make a great dinner. As for the spice level, if you are really against spicy foods, you may well not like it or need lots of water. I found it perfect for my taste.

As for the texture, the grits are not smooth, with plenty of pepper bites throughout.

Bonus? It is low in sodium, at only 220 mg for the whole bag.

A fun indulgence that lives up to the hype.