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Meal Review: Pizza Margherita Wrap

Pizza Margherita Wrap from PackitGourmet is one of their BYOB meals, where the hiker needs to provide tortillas, bread or similar. It is an interesting concept, but where I normally love PackitGourmet meals, this one I wasn’t very enamored with. But realize that this is MY taste buds and food preferences talking. I can see it being quite satisfying for others. Presentation alone is quite nice, as is the aroma.


I prepped the mix as directed, but found it still a bit dry, so I added more water and let it sit longer. This is important, as they note online, the cheese must be rehydrated to melt properly. If you are going to eat the filling cold, the oil packet is mixed in before you spread it on tortillas.


I followed the directions for heated, and pan-fried the rolled up wraps in the included oil. The hot version is much better than cold.

Now then, what did strike me is that as a base for other meals, this would be great. Rehydrated and tossed with hot pasta or rice? On tortillas with hot rice? Or as an “Italian-ish” quesidilla pan-fried with oil-packed tuna flaked in? It has lots of possibilities.

The other thing is the bag serves 1, but has plenty enough filling for 3 tortillas. I got cheesed out within one. That is me though, I can only take so much cheese in one meal. It made way more than enough for 2, especially if you added in protein of some sort.