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Biscuit Making: How-To & Recipes

Who doesn’t love biscuits? Most who can eat gluten will admit a fondness for them, especially when piping hot.

Yes, they do take a little extra work, but they are worth the effort, just for how they can boost morale. If you carry a non-stick pot, you can have easy baking.

For an easy start you can always use Bisquick©, or any similar commercially made “baking mix”. To serve 2, bag ¾ cup mix in a new sandwich bag and mark “add ¼ cup water” on it. Depending if you are having sweet or savory biscuits, you may want to add sugar and spices, dried milk, herbs and seasonings, dry cheese and anything else. Just avoid anything that needs rehydration time unless you rehydrate it in a different bag and add with the water. You can make great biscuits with bell peppers this way! Pack with it 2 Tablespoons or 2 packets vegetable oil for cooking. Add the water to the bag, seal tightly and knead to mix. Heat half the oil in your pot over a medium flame, drop in the dough (you can shake it out of the bag) and cook till golden brown. Drizzle the other half of the oil on and flip over, cook till browned. Yum!

Want easy to make baking mixes, to whip up at home? From Scratch Baking Mix and DIY Baking Mix.

Cranberry Pan Biscuits:


Toppings To Take Along:

Maple Butter

Sweet Cinnamon Butter

Herb Butter

Ghee Butter

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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PS: Worried about carrying oil on the trail?


Individual serving packets of oil. No mess, no fuss. You get exactly what you need for a meal and nothing to worry about.

The packets are ½ fluid ounce, about a Tablespoon each. When you see in a recipe where a packet of oil is called for, this is what we are referring to. Finding them locally can be hard, though some sandwich and sub shops sometimes carry them – you can always ask if they will sell you some. But overall the easiest way to get them is to order online from Minimus or PackitGourmet.

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  1. I’m still working on cooking bannock in the backcountry. It is a big slab of biscuit dough, filling a skillet. You cook the bottom side over low heat, then prop up the skillet facing the fire and bake the top.

    You can mix in savory or sweet additions. Freeze dried blueberries work well, with some sugar.

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