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Meal Review: New Orleans Style Rice with Shrimp and Ham

It had been a very long time since I had tried a Mountain House meal (I’d say it was 2003), so I had some reservations when I received meals from Mountain House to review. Still, I approached it with an open mind. The meals sent were part of the ‘Lower Sodium’ line, something I can say I am glad to see MH doing. There is a real need/niche for this, and kudos to them.


For lunch we tried out New Orleans Style Rice with Shrimp and Ham:


This meal actually had quite a bit of dry food, which made me happy to see. One reason I got turned off years ago was too-saucy meals that just didn’t have enough “goods”. Checked the smell. OK, good. (I just cannot eat MH lasagna or spaghetti due to the smell). 2 cups of water, a good stir and a tight seal, and 10 minutes later:


The results? Actually pretty good. Not just salty – which often commercial hiking food is just that. The freeze-dried ham and shrimp stand out, with a snappy texture, with black beans and plenty of veggies. Just bland enough that the masses will like it – so if you are like us, bring your mini bottle of Tabasco along with you. That isn’t an insult, rather that I have gotten used to a little heat.

Serving size? The bag lists 2.5 servings, or really 2 servings. It is actually quite filling, as it wasn’t a saucy meal. Each serving is 290 mg of sodium, meaning if you ate the whole bag, you would come in at 725 mg of sodium, which is not bad for hiking meals. Not bad at all! I also could see this meal serving 2 people, and not just 1. Be tasty served with tortilla chips to dip into it.

Interested in the lower sodium line? There are 4 choices now.

FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.

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  1. Nice to see Mountain House offering low sodium meals. Due to high blood pressure, my doctor has limited me to 1500mg of sodium a day, a situation that is quite common in the U.S. I think. Some backpacking meals exceed this in one serving. I avoid any backpacking meals over 500mg per serving which would include this one if I ate the whole bag, so for me it depends on how large the portions are. Most of the time I end up making my own meals with the help of a dehydrator.

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