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A Trail For Me

After two very exhausting weeks of moving, I decided Friday it was time I got to take a walk on the trail our new house sits along!


The weather had been very unpromising all day (and week) but I was lured by the promise of visiting a plant sale at our local arboretum. And I could walk there!


There is something freeing about being able to walk out and go, no driving to a trailhead. The kids can walk, or get into the jogger stroller and go!

PS: My newest addition to my jogger stroller for the boys?


I have the new Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes – which I might add are not “baby” looking! They look great in your car as well, perfect for after-hike cleanups.


A mile down the trail and the lake that is the heart of our town, the trail winds along it a bit.


We had a dry walk both ways, yet had to hide under a tiny shelter at the Arboretum, as the skies poured for a good half hour. Still, who wouldn’t want to get out and breathe in the fresh air that rain brings?

And as a bonus….I brought home two native black huckleberry plants, tucked into the bottom of the stroller…now to find time to get those into the ground!

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