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Food Find: Freeze-Dried Buttered Sweet Corn & Recipes

Freeze-Dried Buttered Sweet Corn takes what is possibly the most boring freeze-dried veggie, and takes it to this amazing level. Is it the quality of the corn? Unlike some brands, the corn is bright and not washed out. It is snappy between the teeth (not limp and sad). But oh the flavor. Yeah, it really does taste like corn on the cob, with butter. While I have used it in recipes, honestly I can sit and munch on it right out of the bag. And if I am not careful, eat the entire bag!


Lets say one doesn’t eat it all, out of the bag…it is amazing in the first recipe below. It pops any recipe!

Bacon & Corn Chowder:


Southwest Chicken Corn Wraps:


Chickpea & Sweet Corn Salad

Cheesy Chicken and Corn

Chicken Diablo Rice

Spicy Black Beans and Rice

One Pot Not So Taco Dinner

PS: Stay tuned for a new recipe featuring the corn this week!

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