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Exploring Fernwood Natural Area

Often when walking to town, we would walk by an unmarked area that had all the signs of being an undeveloped park. So when we moved across town, I did a little exploring online and found very little information. But I got a name for the area: Fernwood Natural Area. A nearly 6 acre with a lake in the center.

We set out from our house and walked a few blocks over to an “entrance” that was built a few years back, when the neighborhood was being developed. Well…..said paved path didn’t go anywhere it seemed (from the other side it looks more like it hidden). So we back tracked and walked a another couple more blocks to the other side, the one where I knew there was an entrance.


And once we disappeared into the woods, between two homes, there was a rustic trail to be had:


And yes, a small lake all the way at the bottom:


Very lush back there, with enough mosquitoes for everyone.


The boys were having fun though! After lots of sunny days, today was cloudy, with some rain.


I came across these red huckleberries, which are the biggest I have ever seen:


My boys!


It was nice to stroll through downed trees, tons of green everywhere. The sounds of the neighborhoods wasn’t there either.


Loved the ferns!


Alistaire points the way!


There may be more coming to this little pocket:


Our city has already removed all the ivy – which is great! The area is now flat dirt, so should look great soon (let us hope).

If you are in the area and want to visit, be forewarned there is no parking, except for on street. It isn’t a destination really, but rather a fun way to explore what a town can offer, and that even in the middle of pavement and homes, there can be a lost section of land. I took the liberty of adding in a few arrows below that mention how to find said area.