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Commercial Trail Food Roundup

As summer settles in and woooh…July is nearly here, lets talk meals and snacks! Sure, making your own is fun and rewarding, but let’s be real, not everyone has the time, patience or well, even wants to do it. So let us talk about what one can buy quickly.

Up first: Quest Protein Bars. While I myself personally am not a huge fan of any bar, Kirk swears by these bars. The Cookies & Cream flavor he is a huge fan of. He has to hide them from Walker, who would happily munch away on them, if we let him!


 Happy Hour Queso Rico sauce from PackitGourmet. Serve as a dip, or better, make a meal of it!


Stoneridge Orchards dried fruit and berries. The boys love the blueberries and cherries. It is hard to get them to let the bags go. The raspberries are tasty, but seedy, so beware. Fantastic added to trail mix, or tossed in with oats.


As I said, keeping kids out isn’t easy 😉


From PackitGourmet, Delta’s Sweet Rice Pudding. Is it breakfast? Dessert? Either way, it is delicious. But, warning, let it rest for 20 minutes to fully rehydrate. While it is listed as a cook in bag meal, I found that in pot cooking had better results.


Exotic jerky? Yes! Brought to you by Jerky Dynasty, they have a number of interesting meats to choose from. Gator? Duck? Kangaroo? Venison? Elk? Oh yes, they have you covered. While I abstained, Kirk and Ford munched happily away on these individually wrapped treats.


 Hi Mountain Camp Meals: I came across these awhile back, tucked into the back of Sierra Trading Post’s website. Since I had free shipping dangling in front of me, if I made the cutoff, I added in a bag of Hot Caramel Apple Crunch. A breakfast that can also be dessert. The apple and cranberry mixture is delcious. Only drawback? While the filling will easily serve 2-3 adults, the granola included doesn’t. OK, maybe we like a bit more granola than most 😉 Anyhow, bring a bag of your own to add to it! The company makes 4 meals in total.


 FTC Disclosure: Some of the reviewed items we received product samples of. All thoughts and reviews are our own.

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