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Food Find: Mario Snack Olives

Last week I was digging in my snack bag, while we had lunch at a lake, and I found a packet of Mario Snack Olives that I had forgotten about.



Ready to take with you, the packets come in 7 flavors/varieties, all of which are pitted. The small packets weigh in at 1.05 ounces and they also come in a larger packet, 1.75 ounces.

They are packed without brine and are very firm olives, with a real snap. The small packets are “2 servings” but isn’t overly high in sodium if you eat them all! They are also gluten-free.

While I snacked on mine out of the packet, they would be great sliced up and added to tuna, chicken or tossed with hot cooked pasta. I am not a fan of freeze-dried olives (they always have a rubbery bounce after rehydration and taste spongy), so having a lightweight option for ready-to-eat is nice. I want to say I sourced them a few months back at Cost Plus World Market, but they are sold online through the company as well.

3 thoughts on “Food Find: Mario Snack Olives

  1. That is one of the things I miss from my travels in Europe…in Spain, there were always olives in bags…love this! Might have to make a stop at Cost Plus soon!

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