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Gear Review: Bic Flex Wand Lighter

Having a long-handled lighter can be quite handy for camping. Much easier than having to kneel down to get a fire going in a pit. Or for starting fires in wood stoves when cabin camping. Or starting up stoves.


We were recently sent a Bic Flex Wand Lighter, which I gave a heavy abuse to on the Fourth of July recently. I figured if it can pass being clicked on a 100 times in a few hours, then it will take abuse well over time. When we travel I carry a long-necked lighter, it makes life so much more convenient. Overall I was happy with the lighter, it lights up and holds a flame, can be used in odd angles. The only downside is the child-proof method of using it. You must use fingers in tandem Рand it takes a lot of leverage. Which, while a good thing since we have two young ones, it gets tiring after you keep using it. First World Problem, I do realize. But overall, it is easy  enough to use and the fuel lasts a long time Рand yes, there is a fuel gauge window also. Find these lighters in big box stores, often tucked in with the grilling equipment or at the checkout.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a review copy.

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